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MWPBNP having vast experience in the iron and steel business in Pakistan now opens its Business Partners Program initially for 10 Cities of Pakistan. Interested individual/ businesses are invited for the purpose.

“Business Partners Program” initially offered in the following 10 Cities of Pakistan


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Since 2001

MWP Business and Presentations Pvt Ltd, Islamabad, Pakistan (www.mwpbnp.com), is formed to work in the Iron and Steel sector as a Manufacturer, Stockiest, Importer, Exporter and Supplier of Quality Iron and Steel Materials and Products.

Our priorities and objectives are to provide International Quality Standards at prices that should be competitive and affordable.

If you have to purchase Iron and Steel and looking for the Best Price Shop with Quality Standards then you are at Right Place. www.mwpbnp.com not only provides you with Current Iron and Steel Market Prices, but you can search old product prices from our Old/Archived Price Database.

WWW.MWPBNP.COM provides you with Multiple (more than 12) Payment Methods, truly for your convenience.

We can supply the following types of Iron and Steel Materials and Products:

(In all Sizes/ SWG (Gauges) and Thicknesses)

MS Deform Steel Bars

  • Grade 40, Grade 60, 40 Feet Special

MS Chowkat / Steel Door Frames

  • 14 Guage (SWG), 16 Guage (SWG), 18 Guage (SWG)

Pipe (Conduit/ Hollow Section/ Rerolled/ Prime Pipe)

  • Scaffolding Pipe
  • MS Square Pipe
  • MS Rectangle Pipe
  • MS Round Pipe
  • MS Shaped Pipe (Lsmall, LBig, T, Z)


  • MS Angle Iron
  • MS Flat/ Patti Iron
  • MS Round Bars/ Square Bars
  • MS Tee Section/ MS Zee Section
  • MS C Channels/ MS U Channels


  • MS Sheets / MS Plates
  • GI Sheets
  • CGI Sheets
  • MS Bended Sheets / Golla Dabbi

Feel free to contact us anytime or send us your product inquiries of the above-mentioned iron and steel materials!  We assure you that our dedication and attachment will serve you the best.

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Welcome to the steel price in Pakistan

Hi, this is Noor Ahmed Zeeshan from MWP Business and Presentations Pvt Ltd, Islamabad, Pakistan and I’m here today to ask if you are looking for steel price in Pakistan? Or Just want to know today steel rate in Pakistan, I have all quality iron and steel that would be great for constructing new buildings or building renovations and i can quote you best Sarya rates in Pakistan / Sarya rate Per Kg countrywide.

today steel rates in Pakistan

Today, the prices of steel in Pakistan are going up and down due to many reasons, thus keeping in mind what a difficult job it is to choose what you need at a reasonable price while also wanting to get high-quality materials. If you want high-quality steel bars delivered right to your doorstep that happen to be available at market competitive prices, we suggest that you to visit our "steel rate in Pakistan today" for the best deals and prices available today!

steel price in Pakistan / steel price per kg today in Pakistan

Steel is great to work with if you're looking for a really hard and durable material. There's so much you can do with steel, and it's incredible in its strength. You'll be surprised at how easy it is to find some locally as well, so you won't have to import all of your equipment or materials from far away! Here, you'll find the steel price per kg today in Pakistan for different types of steel and the various uses for them.

steel rate in Pakistan today

Steel prices in Pakistan vary from market to market, from one steel mill to another. So, it is difficult to quote a single figure for the steel prices in Pakistan. The best way to get the real steel prices in Pakistan is to contact the steel mill directly. Pakistan's steel industry is a major part of the country's industrial production. In recent years, it has seen a decline in production, but there are still many producers in the country that offer quality steel products at fairly reasonable saria rate in Pakistan. The steel industry is also known for the use of a high-quality alloy of steel that is made by the country's leading steel producer,

Per kg steel rate in Pakistan

If you are confused about finding the best Steel & Steel Rate in Pakistan, we can help you to make better sense of everything by letting you know about quality product rates. This will help you make an informed decision on which brand to choose from because if there's one thing, we know for sure it's that nothing is more important than going with a reputation you can trust. So, without further ado, let’s get started. When you're looking for sarya rates with high quality, short delivery time and advanced designs, it's a decent idea to visit our website first!


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