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Steel Structures and Fabrications

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Steel structures can be used to create almost any shape or form and can be used in many applications. However, that is not the only reason for their popularity. Steel buildings are extremely durable, low-maintenance, affordable and quick to build.


Prefab steel structure is an ideal option to erect steel structures buildings which is pre-engineered in order to meet the standards of designing buildings. All the main components of this steel structure construction are pre-engineered including pre-punched, pre-drilled and pre-welded, and then set up at the desired location. We offer robust steel structures to ensure these buildings can stand the test of time as well as harsh weather conditions.

  • Warehouse Steel Shed
  • Industrial Facility Steel Shed (Hot Rolled Steel)
  • Agricultural Storage Steel Shed
  • Airplane Hangar Steel Shed
  • Garage Or Workshop Steel Shed
  • Commercial Center Steel Shed
  • Residential Steel Building (Both Cold Rolled form and Hot Rolled Steel)

We use ASCE 10 Standards to apply loading and for design we use AISC.                

  • Are you looking for any such kind of Steel structures sheds?  MWP will assist you from a complete design to fabricate and its installation.


  • Industrial or Projects Fabrication


Iron and Steel Fabrications for Industrial and Large Projects, like Racks, Doors, Windows, Grills, Gates, Fence Etc.


Why MWP?

                MWP is having a vast experience of industrial supplies and fabrication for large Projects of Iron and Steel materials since 2001.


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